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Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year!!

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Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas from all of us at Care Recruitment


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Thornton Heath Christmas Market

The Thornton Heath Christmas Market will have an open-air ICE RINK on Saturday 16 December.
The cost of using the rink will be £5 for a 30-minute session and a maximum of 35 people can use the rink at any one time. They are asking for donations, and all donations over £10 will receive two tickets for the rink.
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Exciting News!!!

We are proud to announce the birth of a new recruitment service for nannies and families looking for nannies.

Debbie Lehane, Director of The Recruitment Shop and Care Recruitment brings her wealth of recruitment knowledge added to Lou Lehane’s experience of working as a nanny, makes for a highly professional service which understands the needs and expectations of both the nannies and the families.

Their new company website will arrive next week…but in the meantime check out their Facebook profile…



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Wear It Pink Charity Event

For a future where everyone with breast cancer lives

We will wear it pink. Will you join us?

We are fundraising for the Wear It Pink campaign on Thursday, October 19th.

As you know the campaign raises awareness and money f

or the important research into breast cancer.

So come in and visit us as we wear it pink and help us with our fundraising efforts!!!!



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‘Pen’ Identifies Cancer Within 10 Seconds

The BBC reported that a handheld device can identify cancerous tissue in 10 seconds (according to scientists at the University of Texas).


Read more here.

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Cream Teas Anyone!!!

We are proud to be raising money for an amazing children’s charity which carries out medical research to beat the diseases that devastate the lives of so many of our children.

For more information visit:

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A Revolutionary Digital NHS

Touch by Hernán Piñera is licensed by CC BY-SA 2

 Cambridge University hospitals NHS foundation trust have invested in a  sustainable digital future with amazing results for both their staff and patients.

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Care Home Out and About Service Receives £1.5 Million

old IV by Florian Schwalsberger is licensed by CC BY 2.0
Organisations have together invested a substantial £1.5m into a new outings service for older and vulnerable adults in care……………………….read the full article.
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Autism Now Detectable Long Before Symptoms Appear

74/365 – autism awareness. by Becky Wetherington is licensed by CC BY 2,.0

Scientists are now saying that they can detect Autism by brain scans long before the onset of symptoms………………..read the full article.

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