We have been successfully operating since 2003 in the recruitment business and have an excellent team supporting our quest to match perfect people to their perfect careers.

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01/01/11 - Headline
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About Us

Why choose Care Recruitment for your permanent employment needs?

As a candidate you will have a dedicated consultant who will give professional advice and endeavour to meet your employment needs. We have the experience of being both a client and applicant and therefore understand how important it is to send you to the right job.

You will be fully briefed prior to interviews or placements in temporary booking and given valuable feedback at each stage where possible. The difference with us is... We actually listen! You can come along and see us from Monday – Friday 8.30am - 6pm or Saturday by appointment in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

We provide realistic and honest support on key issues:

  • Salary expectations
  • CV structure - playing to your skills and strengths
  • Interview techniques
  • Interview feedback

Care Recruitment Ltd will keep in regular contact with you (and would hope you keep in contact with us too) up until you find your ideal job.

Why choose Care Recruitment for temporary employment?

  • Friendly and supportive staff 24/7
  • Competitive Rates of Pay
  • Flexible working hours suited to your needs
  • Uniform
  • Frequent Training Courses
  • Ongoing training to develop your career
  • Holiday Pay
  • Travel allowances where applicable
  • Weekly salary directly into your bank

Our commitment to the quality and reliability of the staff we supply means that all Care Recruitment Ltd staff work is of the very highest standard. All nursing and care staff undergo strict recruitment procedures:

  • Face to face interview
  • Full analysis of work History
  • Health declaration
  • Enhanced CRB Check - includes ISA checks
  • Verification of individuals right to work in the UK
  • Regular work assessments
  • Annual appraisal and supervised monitoring
  • 5 years of referencing
  • Proof of Immunisations
  • Mandatory health and safety courses

Read Our FAQs

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  • When is your branch open?

    Our branch is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am - 6pm (except on Bank Holidays). We are able to facilitate those who are unable to register during normal office hours, and will interview earlier or later in certain circumstances. Saturday appointments are also available upon request.

  • When and how do temps get paid?

    If you are temping you are paid weekly and pay day is always on a Friday (except on Bank Holidays). You will either be paid directly into your bank or building society or by cheque. Your Tax and National Insurance will be deducted at source. You will receive a pay slip detailing your earnings and any deductions.

  • What happens if you don't have any positions available?

    Your consultant will start searching for appropriate opportunities and will contact you as soon as anything suitable becomes available.

  • Do I need a CV?

    You will need a CV as many of our client's request CVs prior to interview. Please supply your CV in electronic format; however we can assist you in preparing a CV.

  • Will I know who you send my CV to?

    We will always seek your permission before sending a copy of your CV to clients.

  • How will you know how many hours I have done?

    Timesheets are your responsibility and require you to input your start, end and break times. At the end of the week, you will need to get your manager to sign it. This timesheet will either be picked up on site or you will have to ensure that we have the original copy of this by Tuesday morning at the latest. (Further details will be given by your consultant when you are being briefed).

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